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FMC Urges Carriers, MTOs to Maintain Accurate Information on Form FMC-1

Common carriers and marine terminal operators must maintain an accurate Common Carrier Tariff and MTO Schedule Registration Form (FMC-1). The Federal Maritime Commission issued this reminder earlier this month.

The FMC emphasized that any changes to information submitted through the FMC-1 must immediately be sent to the Commission.

Carriers and MTOs can face fines and other penalties if they fail to maintain a current and accurate FMC-1.

Thus, the FMC says, existing filers should review information previously submitted to the Commission to confirm it remains accurate.

New and existing filers can find additional information on their obligations in a User’s Manual available online.

The FMC uses Form-1: (a) to permit shippers and other members of the public to obtain reliable and useful information concerning the rates and charges that will be assessed by common carriers and conferences for their transportation services; (b) to ensure that carrier tariff publications are accurate and accessible; (c) to protect the public from violations by carriers; and (d) to review and monitor the activities of controlled carriers.

For questions regarding Form FMC-1, please contact

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