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FMC Reminds VOCCs to File Timely & Accurate Contracts

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is issuing a reminder to all vessel-operating common carriers (VOCCs) regarding the mandatory filing of service contracts and amendments in the Commission's SERVCON system. It is crucial that VOCCs adhere to the stipulated guidelines by submitting these documents no later than thirty (30) days after the effective date. Failure to comply with the service contract filing requirements as outlined in 46 CFR Part §530 may lead to fines or other penalties. To ensure compliance, filers must accurately input the effective date of the contract in the SERVCON system. Additionally, it is essential that any amendments made to contracts have prospective effect. Under no circumstances should contracts make reference to terms that are not explicitly included in the service contract, unless those terms are readily accessible to all parties involved and the Commission, as per 46 CFR §530.8. For any queries or further information concerning service contracts, please refer to the comprehensive guide on How to File Service Contracts or get in touch with

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