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FMC Releases New Video on How to File Complaints

The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) has released a new video aimed at educating shippers and carriers about the charge complaint process.

The 20-minute video explains the steps involved in filing a complaint, required documentation, deadlines, and the role of the FMC in resolving disputes. The video also includes examples of situations in which the charge complaint process can be used, as well as tips for preparing and submitting a complaint.

The charge complaint process is a tool available to shippers and carriers to resolve disputes related to charges assessed by carriers. The FMC hopes that these resources will help shippers and carriers better understand the charge complaint process and how it can be used to resolve disputes related to shipping charges.

The FMC has been holding public forums to discuss issues related to the charge complaint process and other issues related to the maritime industry. The FMC encourages shippers and carriers to watch the new video and to contact the FMC if they have any questions about the charge complaint process or other issues related to the maritime industry.

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