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FMC Names Alex M. Chintella as Administrative Law Judge

Chairman Daniel B. Maffei appointed Alex M. Chintella as an Administrative Law Judge of the Federal Maritime Commission.

Judge Chintella brings a wealth of experience to the Commission, having previously served at the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) since 2017 in various capacities, including Assistant Chief Counsel, Deputy Assistant Chief Counsel, and Supervisory Attorney Advisor. He also served as an Administrative Hearing Officer during his tenure at the FRA. Before entering government service, he practiced law for nearly ten years at Douglas & Boykin, PLLC in Washington, DC.

The growing caseload in the Office of the Administrative Law Judge, driven by an increased number of parties utilizing the formal complaints process to seek relief in shipping disputes, necessitated the hiring of a third Administrative Law Judge. This addition reflects the Federal Maritime Commission's commitment to strengthening its enforcement and adjudication services, enhancing its ability to receive and resolve disputes related to ocean transportation services.

Chairman Maffei expressed confidence in Judge Chintella's qualifications and welcomed him as a valuable addition to the Office of the Administrative Law Judges.

Judge Chintella holds a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School (2006) and a B.A. from Temple University (2002). He is a member of the New York State and District of Columbia bars. He will be serving alongside Chief Administrative Law Judge Erin M. Wirth and Judge Linda S. Crovella.

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