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FMC Monitoring Rate Increases Due to Threats to Shipping

The series of threats from and attacks by the Houthis, a Yemen-based rebel group, has resulted in ocean carriers announcing rate increases and/or instituting fees or surcharges to recoup expenses associated with longer voyages and/or higher costs of insurance and security.


The Houthis has publicly threatened to attack shipping in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden regions which in their view has some affiliation with Israel, and lately even ships coming from or going to Israeli ports. This maritime threat is reportedly greater in the vicinity of the Yemeni Red Sea coastline, where the Houthis forces are occasionally present.


The Federal Maritime Commission says it is aware that ocean common carriers are adjusting vessel operations and deployments in response to these threats but cautions that the increased charges must meet strict legal requirements.


"Competition among carriers must not be suspended and carriers and parties to vessel sharing agreements must continue to obey the Shipping Act, other U.S. competition laws, and all other applicable laws," the FMC said.


The Federal Maritime Commission is monitoring actions taken by ocean common carriers related to rates, fees, and surcharges to ensure their compliance with all statutory and regulatory requirements.


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