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Companies Pay $350,000 Penalty for Illegal Operations in American Samoa

The Federal Maritime Commission ordered PDL International Pte Ltd.; Sofrana Unilines (NZ) Ltd. and ANL Singapore Pte Ltd dba Sofrana ANL Pte Ltd.; Pacific Forum Line (Group) Limited and Pacific Forum Line (NZ) Limited; and Neptune Pacific Line, Inc. to pay $350,000 in compromise of its violations relating to their transportation activities and practices between Australia, American Samoa and other islands in the South Pacific, and between New Zealand, American Samoa and other islands in the South Pacific.

The compromise agreement alleged that PDL et al. operated under an agreement in the American Samoa trades, which agreement had not been filed with the Commission or become effective under the Shipping Act; provided service in the trades that was not in accordance with the rates, charges, or rules contained in published tariffs or service contracts; and knowingly disclosed and shared information concerning the nature, consignee, or routing of property tendered or delivered to a common carrier without consent of the shipper or consignee.

The FMC approved the compromise agreement on April 12, 2019.

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