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AP Tariffs Meets With Venezuelan Logistics Companies

Pierre Larenas of Atlantic Pacific Tariffs, Inc. (AP Tariffs) attended a business networking event hosted by the Venezuelan American Freight Forwarders Association (VAFFA) on June 9, 2022. Held at Sabor Doral Restaurant in Doral, Florida, the event attracted dozens of representatives of Venezuelan American Shipping, Transportation and Logistics companies. Mr. Larenas explained to Venezuelan companies the advantages of getting an FMC license as well as the actions taken by the FMC regarding enforcement and penalties. According to Mr. Larenas, it is important to have a partner such as AP Tariffs that provides FMC Compliance Management service because licensed companies could face penalties if found not following rules and regulations during an FMC audit. FMC penalties are currently set at $13,132 per occurrence. It is therefore more cost-effective to have experts on hand to provide guidance. The team at AP Tariffs is always available for consultations (available in both English and Spanish). Contact AP Tariffs today to learn more about its services!

Pierre Larenas 305-610-2244 Mauricio Larenas 954-461-6152

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