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AP Tariffs Is Now 5th Largest FMC Publisher for NVOCC Tariffs

Atlantic Pacific Tariffs Inc. (AP Tariffs) has jumped in the rankings and is now the 5th largest FMC tariff publisher for Non-Vessel Operating Common Carriers (NVOCC). Based in Sunrise, Florida, AP Tariffs has partnered with various stakeholders in the industry to help more local and foreign companies become licensed and leverage their FMC licenses to get more advantageous contract rates directly from ocean carriers. A license comes with a responsibility for NVOCCs to publish tariff and rates. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) requires all NVOCCs operating in the U.S. trades to publish a tariff (46 CFR § 520.3). AP Tariffs continues to improve its online platform to give NVOCCs the best experience possible in the publication of its tariff and rates. Its technologically advanced platform significantly reduces an NVOCC's labor costs related to filing. At the same time, it also increases compliance. Another advantage that AP Tariffs clients have is the easy access to compliance trainings and consultations (up to 2 hours/month). This is a preventive measure to help customers avoid potential penalties that are now up to $13,132 per occurrence. The team behind AP Tariffs has extensive experience in FMC Rules, Regulations, Processes, Procedures, Audits, and Licensing Requirements for Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs). Contact AP Tariffs today to avail of a FREE 30-minute compliance consultation for non-clients (available in SPANISH and English)!

Pierre Larenas 305-610-2244 Mauricio Larenas 954-461-6152

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