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AP Tariffs Discusses FMC Compliance at VAFFA USA Talk

Atlantic Pacific Tariffs, Inc., an FMC Compliance Management and Tariff Publishing Company, gave a presentation at an event hosted by the Venezuelan American Freight Forwarders Association (VAFFA) on April 15, 2021. Pierre and Mauricio Larenas of AP Tariffs provided VAFFA members with a wealth of information, explaining the mandate of the FMC, the present problems where NVOCCs are paying hefty penalty payments, and the responsibilities that need to be fulfilled by NVOCCs in order to avoid fines (currently $12,363 per occurrence). Experts at AP Tariffs have extensive experience in FMC Rules, Regulations, Processes, Procedures, Audits, and Licensing Requirements for Ocean Transportation Intermediaries (OTIs). Consultations are available in both English and Spanish. Contact AP Tariffs today for your FREE 30-minute compliance consultation!

Pierre Larenas 305-610-2244 Mauricio Larenas 954-461-6152

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